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About the Avant Group

The Avant Group is a logistics and delivery company in Houston, Texas. We work hard every day towards our passions: giving the best service to our clients, improving the lives of our employees, and making a meaningful contribution to the world and our community.

We at The Avant Group are a collective of visionaries that truly care about the quality of our employee’s lives and the success of our clients. Because we want the USA to succeed, we’re doing our part in helping American businesses and people achieve the American dream. Whether you need staffing, delivery, or solutions to complex supply chain issues, The Avant Group is here to help.

Our History

In 2014 the Barranechea family was already running a successful and growing steel business, but they noticed a worker shortage within their company and the rest of the industry.

Companies were having a difficult time finding the right employees to fill their vacant positions. The Barranecheas understood that a company is only as good as the people who make it work, so they seized the opportunity and founded The Avant Group to connect job seekers with fulfilling work in the steel industry.

But they always had more in mind. Their mission was to form a company with a multi-business approach, satisfying every need of companies in any industry. Today, The Avant Group is a fully-fledged company based in Houston, Texas, that provides staffing, delivery services, and logistics solutions to growing businesses. With over 200 employees, it’s a thriving enterprise that succeeds at balancing the many requirements of its clients.