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About the Avant Group

The Avant Group is a logistics and delivery company in Houston, Texas. We work hard every day towards our passions: giving the best service to our clients, improving the lives of our employees, and making a meaningful contribution to the world and our community.

We are a group of visionaries who share a deep passion for the supply chain industry and a great love for our country. Because we want our country’s economy to flourish, we’re doing our part in helping American businesses grow. Whether you need staffing, delivery, or solutions to complex supply chain issues, The Avant Group is here to help. Our clients’ success is our own!

About Us

The Avant Group started with the mission to form a company with a multi-business approach when the owners saw a need for dedicated business solutions that would meet the unique and individual needs that encompass a variety of industries. Today, The Avant Group is a fully-fledged company based in Houston, Texas, that provides staffing, delivery services, and logistics solutions to growing businesses.

The services provided can act as standalone products or as part of our broader offering as a supply chain provider.

As a service provider, The Avant Group manages these elements with a focus on developing strong relationships with its customers to ensure long-term success.

Focused on Integrity, Efficiency, and Teamwork
We believe that every individual and every client is unique; we create programs and solutions that take your specific needs and create flexible, customized shipping solutions.

The Avant Group is committed to treating all our industry members with the recognition and respect they deserve.