5 trends in logistics that everybody is talking about.

March 17, 2019 0Uncategorized

As we all know the world is moving fast, and here at The Avant Group we need to move faster.
To keep our competitive edge, we are always looking for what’s new in delivery and logistics
management solutions and how we can improve the service we provide to our clients.
These are the key trends we are looking at currently:

1. Elastic Logistics
This is a completely new concept in the industry, and it means that companies must be able to
adjust is capabilities to the demands of their clients. This is possible in large part by the amazing
growth of computing power of the cloud-based solutions. The benefits of Elastic Logistics, to
name a few, are: Better customer experience, enhanced visibility, more communication
between processes and a way more efficient operation.
2. Digital Logistics
It’s all about the information, and old paper-based systems are not cutting it anymore. Digital
logistics allow for a more efficient operation all around that will push development, creativity,
better decision making, control, planning and a better customer service.
3. Green Logistics
We are deeply aware of the impact our industry has in the environment and companies are
taking steps to decrease the environmental burden of supply chains. The business benefits of
Green Logistics are a stronger company reputation and customer loyalty. But mainly the
satisfaction of knowing that we are doing our part in saving our planet.
4. Supply Chain Collaboration
This goes hand on hand with Digital Logistics and Green Logistics. Companies that are finding
new and better ways of collaborating are going to experience incredible business improvements
like: Cost Reductions, Increase accuracy, lower carbon footprint and an overall improvement in
service level and customer satisfaction.
5. The evolution from B2B to B2B2C
Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce. Our clients are more informed than ever before
opening up the doors to a whole new evolution of the industry. In B2B2C the level of control,
information, flexibility is amazing and is going to push business to improve on a daily basis their
As you can see, there is no denying the future is now and we can only imagine the technologies and
improvements we will see with automation, AI, computer learning, etc.
We at The Avant Group embrace the future and hope you will join us in making this a more efficient and
enjoyable world.


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